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Dr. Veneta has long been a vocal advocate for nutritionally-dense, functional dog foods that enables any dog to live its best life.


As one of the UK’s leading practicing vets and canine nutritionists, Dr. Veneta has been instrumental, not simply in the day-to-day wellbeing of countless, under the weather pets, but supporting forward-thinking pet food manufacturers assemble first class recipes jam-packed with nutritional integrity.

There is a clear role for Dr. Veneta to act as an authoritative disruptor within a fledgling, UK freeze-dried category, operating as a vocal, hands-on challenger brand tasked with championing the very latest freeze-dried thinking. By pairing the convenience of a kibble format with the nutritional prowess of raw, freeze-dried thinking quite simply provides the “best of both worlds” mealtimes.

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4 Bloors Lane, Rainham, Kent, ME8 7EG

+44 7401 983491

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