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In our pursuit of a greener tomorrow we’ve tasked ourselves with transitioning to 100% recyclable packaging within the next few years as we seek to tread the perfect pathway between pet health and happiness on the one hand and wider environmental wellbeing on the other.

  • LOCAL SOURCING All our products are manufactured in the UK, with a lion’s share of the ingredients being sourced in close proximity to our production facility, keeping transportation emissions to a minimum, whilst doing our bit to get behind local communities


  • NO FREEZER OR FRIDGE STORAGE One upside of freeze-dried thinking is the fact they can be stored at ambient temperatures in your cupboard or pantry precluding any need to compete for precious and expensive to run freezer space.


  • NOMINAL WASTAGE Unlike raw our meals can be enjoyed immediately negating the time for any frustrating defrosting and the likelihood of any unwelcome wastage.


  • LESS PAPER/DILIGENT WASTE RECYCLING In these digital times, there’s no excuse today not to significantly curtail one’s paper trail, opting for paperless solutions wherever plausible.  We also adhere to responsible waste recycling.

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4 Bloors Lane, Rainham, Kent, ME8 7EG

+44 7401 983491

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