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A minimal processing procedure optimises the nutritional integrity of each and every ingredient, to ensure your dog’s mealtimes are jam-packed with nutrients, proteins, amino acids, probiotics and beneficial enzymes.

  • INGREDIENT SELECTION: It may seem obvious but it’s worth reiterating that the quality of the raw ingredients directly influences the nutritional prowess of the final product.

  • INITIAL FREEZING: Moving promptly to this stage means that the flavours, textures and nutritional profiles of the chosen raw ingredients are meticulously ring-fenced, minimising the deterioration of essential nutrients.

  • FREEZE-DRYING: The placement of frozen ingredients within a vacuum chamber leads to the removal of moisture by sublimation, which sees ice transition directly to vapour whilst avoiding the liquid phase.  The gentle nature of this process protects both the structure and nutritional validity of the chosen ingredients.

  • NUTRIENT PRESERVATION: Freeze-drying avoids the trap that traditional heat-themed preservation techniques fall into, namely the inadvertent burning off heat-sensitive nutrients like enzymes, vitamins and amino acids.

  • SHELF STABILITY: The removal of moisture significantly extends the shelf life of dog food to provide a convenient (no need for refrigeration) and practical (nominal wastage) mealtime alternative, that guarantees the various health benefits of a raw/minimally processed diet but with none of the associated stress.

  • REHYDRATION OPTION: There is scope to rehydrate the pellets with water before serving to provide an alternative format, assisting those dogs with chewing difficulties. 

  • QUALITY CONTROL: Freeze-drying comes courtesy of state-of-the-art production facility which ensures unrivalled nutritional standards.

  • ALLERGEN MANAGEMENT: Freeze-drying’s uncompromising stance results in the elimination of any lurking parasites or bacteria, whilst the absence of artificial nasties (preservatives & additives) further reduces the chances of allergic reactions.

In Short

Freeze-dried dog food is a trail-blazing approach to canine nutrition, marrying the convenience of old-school kibble with the nutritional exuberance of raw.  The intricate freeze-drying process safeguards both the nutritional nobility and shelf life of our products to create a far-reaching range that supports the ongoing health and wellbeing of our canine companions.

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