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Our Ingredients

Our meticulously choreographed recipes are designed to mirror your furry friend’s natural diet, honing in on their microbiome and supporting their wellbeing the holistic way by prioritising fresh, wholesome ingredients and beneficial superfoods.

We track down top drawer ingredients which includes: finest red & white meats, succulent fish and an array of freshly prepared and responsibly sourced fruit & veg primarily from the UK.

Occasionally we’ll have to travel further afield for ingredients that support our commitment to provide best-in-class nutrition, but for the most part we intend sourcing locally and supporting the UK’s farming community.



An unsung superhero of lean protein! Easy on sensitive stomachs, rich in B vitamins, selenium, zinc, and phosphorus, trim turkey is more than a treat; it's muscle maintenance in a bite.



Everyone’s go-to protein powerhouse for building svelte muscle mass and converting proteins into energy! Keep your furry friend in peak condition with the goodness of omega-6 fatty acids for a radiant skin and coat. Packed with essential amino acids, every bite is an astute step towards optimum well-being. Chicken appreciation equates to healthier, happier hounds!

Combining chicken and turkey for your dog's diet offers holistic and stylistic benefits that go far beyond routine sustenance:

Lean Protein Powerhouse: Chicken and turkey are pivotal sources of rich, lean protein that are essential for building and maintaining strong muscles that meet and support your dog's long-term health and vitality aspirations.

Energy Conversion: Turkey & chicken are well-versed when it comes to converting proteins into energy, providing the essential fuel for your dog's daily activities, ensuring your four-legged friend stays active, playful, and at the peak of its powers.

Omega-6 Fatty Acids for Skin & Coat: Chicken and turkey offer abundant natural sources of omega-6 fatty acids, which support healthy skin and a lustrous coat. Omega -6 fatty acids not only enhance your dog's appearance but contribute to their overall well-being.

Essential Amino Acids: Poultry contains essential amino acids vital for various physiological functions. These amino acids contribute to the ongoing development of tissues, enzymes, and antibodies, supporting your dog's immune system and growth.

Digestibility: Chicken and turkey are highly digestible proteins, making them suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs. This ‘digestibility factor’ enables your dog to maximise its nutrients intake, fostering better digestion and nutrient utilization.

Palatability & Variety: The natural flavours of chicken and turkey make them highly palatable, adding much-needed variety to your dog's diet. This not only keeps mealtime interesting but also encourages a well-balanced and satisfying diet.


Lagomorph meat is a discerning addition to your pet's dietary regime, offering a plethora of nutritional benefits that underscore its value as a superior source of nourishment. This lean, high-quality protein not only tantalises your dog’s taste buds, it also supplies crucial nutrients such as B vitamins, iron and selenium and essential fatty acids, which are all handy when it comes to promoting and maintaining enviable health and vitality.


Incorporating rabbit meat into a dog's diet can provide a multitude of nutritional advantages:


Rich in Lean Protein: Rabbit meat is renowned for its high-quality lean protein, vital for muscle growth, repair and the over-arching health of your pet

Nutrient-Rich: This meat is a powerhouse of essential nutrients, including B vitamins (like B12), iron, selenium, and phosphorus, which all contribute to your dog's wider health and well-being.


Highly Digestible: Known for its digestibility, rabbit meat is an excellent option for pets with sensitive stomachs or digestive challenges.

Source of Energy: Lean proteins and healthy fats in rabbit meat serve as a significant source of energy, igniting your pet's activity levels and zest for life.

Palatability: The natural flavour of rabbit meat is often highly appealing to dogs, making their meals both enjoyable and satisfying. 

Promotes Joint Health: Rabbit meat contains compounds such as glucosamine and chondroitin, which are beneficial for joint health and especially handy for ageing dogs or pets prone to joint issues. 

Supports Skin & Coat Health: The presence of omega-3 fatty acids in rabbit meat helps in maintaining healthy skin and a glossy coat, to ensure your pet stays at the peak of its powers.


Immune System Support: Essential nutrients found in rabbit meat, like zinc and selenium, are instrumental in bolstering the immune system, aiding your dog’s capacity to ward off infections and maintain a robust healthy glow.


The last word in omega-3 fatty acid excellence!  Elevate your pet’s immune system and reduce unwelcome inflammation, which may contribute to a healthy heart and a robust circulatory system. Better than that, quality fish supports a shiny, glossy coat which fosters cognitive development to fuel your dog’s keen senses and vitality.  

Omega-3 fatty acids bolster your dog’s immune system, boosting their overall health whilst building their resilience to illness. 

Enviable anti-inflammatory properties, which keeps unpalatable inflammation at bay whilst tackling head on ageing ailments like arthritis whilst nurturing enhanced mobility in ageing dogs. 

When we talk about cognitive development, we’re talking about supporting brain function which enhances both your dog’s memory and learning capacity.

Better still, protein-rich fish provides welcome fuel to assist muscle development and repair. 


A veritable fruity feast of healthier living, a mixture of antioxidant rich berries that elevate your dog’s immune system, keep inflammation in check whilst once again contributing to a shiny, healthy coat.

Simply put, berries nourish, protect and make your pet glow from the inside out!

Jam-packed with positive antioxidants, which tackle oxidative stress and wider cellular health, berries have built an enviable reputation for being packed with advantageous antioxidants and phytochemicals that aid joint health in hounds.

A welcome vitamin C boost is pivotal when it comes to supercharging your immune system, overarching skin health and welcome collagen production whilst the presence of flavonoids may lead to improved cardiovascular health, that bolsters healthy blood circulation whilst reducing the risk of heart-related issues.

More surprisingly the dietary fibre in berries supports digestive health and a fighting fit gastrointestinal tract that is especially beneficial for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Chewing berries may well promote superior oral health by assisting in the removal of plaque and tartar.

These four berries are crammed full of essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients including manganese, potassium and a number of handy B vitamins.

Enhanced Taste & Welcome Variety: By providing a natural, sweet kick that contrasts markedly with their meat-centric diet you excite taste buds with a welcome sweet twist.


No well-rounded feast is complete without pears and apples providing a healthy ration of fibre-rich sweetness, whose abundant, digestive health antioxidants sit in the frontline when it comes to enhancing your four-legged friend’s immune resilience.

Nature’s sweeteners: The natural sugars in apples and pears provide that light smattering of sweetness that makes them a palatable addition to their daily menu of meat and veg.

Vitamin-rich: Once again the welcome presence of vitamin C, potassium and a fair spread of B vitamins combine to boost your dog’s vitality and immune system.

Hydration: Both fruits' high water content supports your dog’s hydration, which is perfect for a large number of dogs who skimp when it comes to water consumption.

Antioxidant savvy: Both fruit bowl favs are crammed full of beneficial antioxidants that tackle oxidative stress, bolster your dog’s immune system and lower the risk of chronic diseases.

Weight Management:  As a low-fat treat, pears and apples are ideally geared to any weight management push, especially as their significant fibre counts contribute to a sense of fullness that supports any weight reduction goals.

Dental Health: the highly prized crunchiness of pears and apples stimulates good dental health by enabling the removal of tartar and plaque, which in turn contributes to better oral hygiene


Immerse yourself in a horticultural feast of nutritional wellbeing courtesy of our nourishing blend of swede and carrots. Elevate your pet’s immune system by turning to vegetables rammed with vitamins A,C & K and rewarding minerals like potassium.

Digestive Support: The welcome presence of fibre in both of these vegetables can help regulate bowel movements, aiding those dogs most prone to uncomfortable constipation.  

Low Calorie: Yet another tick box when it comes to a balanced diet, especially for any in-the-know dog on a strict, calorie-controlled mealtimes.

Eye Health: Beta-carotene in carrots is effortlessly converted to vitamin A in the body, a contributor to maintaining good vision and eye health.

As with the aforementioned fruit, the crunchy yet juicy nature of our chosen veg aids hydration, promotes good teeth hygiene and offers access to an array of anti-inflammatory ingredients that support the maintenance of healthy, flexible joints 


Naturally, no thoughtfully assembled feast is complete without a generous flourish of beneficial herbs that, in addition to tantalising taste buds, pull their weight in terms of providing essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

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